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Channeling #11 - part 2 - Why Challenges Arise, especially at Christmas, and How to Deal with Them; and Awakening

[The second half of this channeling from Joshua was mostly personal information, although the following edited excerpts from that is of more general application.]

Dealing with Challenges that Arise, especially at Christmas
I [Joshua] said previously [in part 1] about how some people are on a spiritual awakening path and that's part of the reason they came into this particular existence, whereas there are other people who are not really on that particular path. In this particular incarnation that they're experiencing they have a different role that they have chosen for themselves. They have a role in which they want to experience the extremes of existence. And again, this is perfectly fine. There are many other reasons, motivations, that drive how people select what they bring into a particular life.

Now, one of the more complex of those is an illness or disability. People are born and they bring with them -- and they make this decision before they're born -- a disability because there is something that they want to do with that, because they have a role to play [in which that is part of their identity].

Nothing in this physical reality happens by accident. Everything has a purpose. It may be very difficult to see that purpose at times, and it may be a struggle as that purpose works its way out, but everything has that kind of a purpose.
Every person is basically their own universe their own existence. The meanings of any kind of interpersonal interactions for any one of the individuals involved is something that is very much a part of that one individual's existence. It [the meaning] may be assigned to other people, or to other objects. However, it really does not come from those other objects, those other people.

The experience is that of the individual who is having the experience. You and Alan are individuals and you each have your own experience. At this point in time, the experiences you are creating in the world are a direct reflection of something that you and Alan, individually and separately, want to experience, to bring up. Sometimes it is to create a challenge of some type -- and so you create challenges.

Part of the reason challenges arise now has to do with this particular time of the year, this Christmas time of the year. Christmas and the end of the year is a very powerful time psychically on the planet, especially in those cultures that this tradition is a part of.

It's a time when many of those subconscious beliefs, subconscious things that are in that that black box, are shaken up and come out. It's also time when love is very powerful, at this time of the year. It's a time when many emotions become very powerful.

But it is also time when those deeper, what are sometimes called 'shadow', aspects arrive as well. For example, there's a very strong belief that when family get together for Christmas, people start fighting, right? And the get-togethers may turn out quite negative in some ways. And that's because of how all of these things, all these different emotions, all of these positive and what people consider negative things are being stirred up at this particular time.

This particular time is seen as a transition -- that transition from days getting shorter and darker to days getting brighter. It's the transition from one calendar year to the next calendar year. And so a lot of these things are stirred up and may create challenges.

Now, as I said, each person is a universe into themselves. So the way to deal with those challenges is to consider them in that way, to not assign them to an individual outside of yourself, but basically to realize that this was part of your subconscious. At this point in time, your subconscious, your inner self, thought this was one of those things that should come up -- that it would be good to deal with that issue or challenge at this point in time.

Now when I talk about ‘deal with that’, the way reality works, the way everything works (not only the third dimension, but in all dimensions) is that everything is basically a fragment of All That Is. It's a fragment of Source. It's a fragment of God, if you want to use that word. The one thing that everything is connected to, its the oneness. Everything is a part of that.

In the beginning before anything existed there was All That Is. There was that oneness and there was nothing else because All That Is means "all that is". It was one thing. All That Is then had the first thoughts of "I am" and "I exist". But to have that thought, All That Is had to split itself in two -- it had to split itself to an into an "I" and into an "am". And that was this first split. That was the first fragmentation. That was the "big bang".

We are, not talking figuratively -- we are talking about reality. That was the start of the universe. And from that, fragmentation after fragmentation after fragmentation occurred, until you get to this third dimensional reality that you are experiencing now. Many entities in other dimensions consider the third dimension to be the ultimate reality in terms of fragmentation, in terms of differences.

Everything is different in this reality, pretty much. And the reason All That Is created that fragmentation, that difference, was to experience it, to experience difference, to experience something other than oneness, other than singularity, other than just being a single thing. To experience and to see how diverse can I get?, how diverse can I create everything that exists, all that is?

So fragmentation occurs. On the other hand, as fragmentation occurs, we also then want to integrate, we want to go back to All That Is. That is what the goals of yoga, of meditation, of religion, is -- to return, to bring those fragmentations back together.
Now you yourself, and Alan, and everybody, are actually made up of many different fragmentations, many different personalities. You are not just one personality. You are many different personalities. You can see that when you're trying to make a decision and you can't. It's hard to make a decision because one personality wants this, another personality wants that, and you're trying to figure out which personality am I going to please by choosing one over the other. And in the process the other personality feels dissed and feels upset.

So one of the goals in this particular reality, in fact in all realities, all entities have this goal, is trying to reintegrate back to oneness. And the way that is done is by finding a way to bring all those different personalities that make up you into harmony.

How do you make all of them happy? How can you satisfy their various desires their various needs?

There are many processes that that help people to do this. Meditation is one. Meditators sometimes talk about how it relieves stress. Well that stress is the conflicts that occur between these different personalities. Settling the mind in meditation calms the different desires that these different personalities have. That's one way of allowing for that that type of integration.

The more that an entity integrates itself, the closer it becomes connected to Source, to All That Is.

So, when one feels that they are facing a challenge, that challenge is something that needs to be integrated. It's a part of the personality that needs to feel comfortable, that needs to be embraced and accepted. That doesn't mean you have to react to the outside entity that you see as the source of that challenge. It basically means that you have to find a way to accept that it is pare of your personality -- that you created the challenge, and you need to find a space for it so that it feels comfortable within you, so that it feels accepted and is not something that is being rejected by you. And so in that sense, it is totally an internal process of accommodating the diversity of your being.

And that's true anytime something “negative” occurs in your life. It is because there is a part of your personality that is trying to express itself through that emotion. Finding a way to accommodate that personality, to make that part of you, that particular personality that's part of you, feel comfortable and feel safe within your total being is one of the goals of life. That's one of the things that you learn in this particular time-space reality life.

It is almost like being the leader of a government -- being the leader of your body personality. How do you make all those parts of you happy? -- [Actually,] it's not even "happy" -- How do you make them feel safe and comfortable within you?  And in fact, as you do that, as you are able to do that with especially the ones that really bother you, that is another way of integration, of returning back to that oneness, returning back to All That Is. It's another path to enlightenment, to awakening.


Awakening is knowing that everything that you experience is you. It's knowing that there's nothing outside of you. It's knowing that you are all that you experience -- you are all that is. In this sense 'All That Is' is all that you experience.

And accepting that, and being satisfied with that, and realizing that is the wonder of life, that is the amazing thing about this physical reality.

Because in the higher dimensions -- fourth dimension, fifth dimension, six dimension -- those kinds of extremes, those kinds of personalities that have disability challenges, for example, don't exist. You know in your dreams you can wish anything to happen and it will happen. That's the power you have in your dreams, and that's the fourth dimension and fifth dimension. And the higher dimensions are all like that. We can wish for anything we want.

We don't speak languages in those dimensions. We communicate instantly telepathically, so there is nothing to hide in those dimensions. We do have our challenges -- all of us are growing. In fact, you are constantly growing.

The end goal of enlightenment is returning back to All That Is, it just returning back to Source. But to get there is a very long process. And so even the entities in these higher dimensions are still developing that process, developing themselves, growing themselves, and trying and learning how to integrate. They have new challenges based on the laws of the different dimensions.

So that's really what awakening is, and what enlightenment is. Its realizing that nothing is bad, that everything has value, everything has purpose, everything has a significance, and accepting and allowing that, and integrating that, and appreciating that.


So with that, thank you for being here. I am Joshua. I am actually -- we are actually -- a group of guides, of different parts of Alan, who exist at a different dimension.

But we're all actually integrated. He's one of us as well. He is our experience of this physical time-space reality. We experience that through him because our reality, our dimension, is quite different. So we use his experiences to experience what this particular physical reality is about.

So, for the Joshua group, we thank you for being a participant in this, and we just want to say that we love you, and we love Alan, and we love your physical time-space reality, and all entities that exist within this time-space reality.

Goodbye for now.

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